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In the magical world of fashion, there is a plethora of waste that is unavoidable and it’s surreal.  It's an enticing world that is created to color our vision and elevate our aesthetic but at a hefty cost.  It has slowly but surely, been damaging our planet’s health and this ultimately affects the health of our own.  As we all share this beautiful earth, Jour au Soir (JAS) believes that we must do everything in our power to help protect our environment.  From raw materials to the final product, we have embraced every detail in providing a green experience without sacrificing quality.  Our garments are produced in the U.S. with eco-friendly materials, as well as our materials that are used for packaging.  The most waste that occurs in the manufacturing process is the cut-away fabric- a painful process to endure.  JAS utilizes the excess fabrics to produce other goods to help eliminate and/or decrease the amount of waste.  It is time-consuming and can affect the production schedule, but these efforts are an investment in protecting our planet and the health of our own.  We are dedicated to creating sophisticated garments with comfort, convenience and versatility but more importantly, garments that also impact the health of our planet in a positive light.

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