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In day to day life, we are consumed by our busy schedules.  We believe time is a luxury that we don’t get back, so why not create chic simplicity that frees up more time to focus on the things that really matter.  Our mission is to provide you eco-friendly sleep leisure wear that is breathable, flexible, comfortable and yet sophisticated. Its multi-purpose use will conveniently take you from day to night, simplifying your busy lifestyle while being environmentally conscious.  Caring for our planet is a must, so our products are eco-friendly from start to finish.

Sustainability is Crucial

We are committed to providing products that have zero to minimal impact on our environment.  We work with vendors and manufacturers who provide responsibly sourced products and practice sustainable methods of production.

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Responsible Sourcing

Jour au Soir (JAS) is proudly made eco-friendly. The source of our goods is just as significant as creating comfort and versatility with sophistication. We use materials that are produced with sustainably sourced TENCEL™ fibers and are regulated by the BCI™. They are compostable and biodegradable, where they fully revert back to nature and have no harmful substances. They also have a substantially lower environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging products are composed of and are:

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Loving our Community

JAS believes as a community, we can work together to make a difference.  We believe it is essential that every individual should have access to an education.  Our purpose is to help provide scholarships, technologies and so much more that will enable those in underserved communities to further their path to success.  Knowledge is power and having access to and the necessary tools, can strengthen that power and help conquer all odds.  JAS will be donating a portion of your purchase to help fund those in need. 

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