Tencel Fiber


JAS is not only comfortable and versatile with sophistication, it is also eco-friendly for our planet. We use materials that are produced with sustainably sourced, renewable raw material wood, using an environmentally responsible process. They are made with Eco Soft technology, which makes the fibers exceptionally soft to the skin, smooth, luxurious in shine and flow. It has the ability to enhance breathability and the capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption. These materials are compostable and biodegradable, fully reverting back to nature and are certified by the:

International Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: Fibers containing no harmful substances.

EU EcoLabel:  An environmental quality label awarded to those operations that have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Key Benefits

The reasons why we love and can’t get enough of the Tencel™ Fiber!

* Its botanical origin drives us wild. 

* It’s as gentle on our skin as the touch of a baby’s bum. 

* It’s a sturdy fiber with a lightweight feel. 

* It cools us during the warm season and warms us during the cool season. 

* It lessens the amount of body sweat that can penetrate. 

* It holds more of its color in comparison to other fibers. 

* It’s not a candidate for bacterial growth.

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